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Kodungallur Kovilakam has contributed immensely to Sanskrit and Malayalam literature.

.... At that time, Kodungallur Puthen Kovilakam was a veritable university of highest excellence. There were as many as three hundred students studying many subjects in various classes at this Gurukulam. From Kavyams to the higher books of nyayam, vedantam, alankaram, ayurveda, jyotisham, silpam and the important arts of sangeetham, and abhinayam were taught here. Those prepared to give instruction to students were Vidvan Kunniramavarma Thampuran, Sakran Thampuran, Valia Kochunni Thampuran, Kunjan Thampuran, Kavisarvabhauman Cheriya kochunni Thampuran, Mahamahopadhyaya Bhattasri Godavarma Thampuran, Cheriya Kunjunni Thampuran (also called Bhagavathar Thampuran) and Marumakan Thampuran......

Source: The Book 'Knowledge before printing and after - The Indian tradition in changing Kerala'

A few illustrative examples are:

Vidwan Ilaya Thampuran
Contemporary of Swati Thirunal, Exceled in literature, vyakaranam (grammer), tharkam, jyotisham (astraology), thachushastram, smrithi, vaidyam (medical science), music etc. His commentaries in Sanskrit on Astronomy are particularly significant.

Among the renowned scholars and patrons of lierature produced by the scholarly royal house of Kodungallur, near Cochin, Goda varma, better known as Vidwan Ilaya Thampuran, occupies a place in the front rank. He was a versatile scholar and has written profusely, both in Sanskrit and Malayalam

Source: The Book 'Hindu Astronomy'

Mahakavi Kunjikuttan Thampuran
Popularly known as Kerala Vyasan, most famous contribution is the mammoth task of translation of Mahabharatham to Malayalam. His other contributions include Kavitha/poems like Ayodhyakandam, Athmabodham pana, Pattabhishekam Pana, Kodungallur Bhagavathy Kurathipattu etc and other writings like Kavibharatham, Ambopadesham, Dakshayaga Sathakam, Nalla Bhasha etc

While it may require many a year even to complete one reading of Bharata, it is not possible for any poet other than Kunhikkuttan Thampuran to translate it metre by metre and word by word within a limited time

Source: An article about Translation of Mahabharata by A R R Varma

Legends of the past Kottarathil Sankunni (author of the famous book Aithihya Mala), Attur Krishapisharadi, Oravankara Neelakandan Namboothiri, Ambadi Narayana Pothuval, Sahithya Panchananan P K Narayana Pilla, Changaram Kotha Krishan Kartha, Mani Madhava Chakyar, Guru Ammannur Madhava Chakyar, Pattikkamthodi Ravunni Menon, Pandit Karuppan etc are among popular alumni of Kodungallur Kovilakam
Just as with other royal families in Kerala, there is not much written information about Kodungallur Kovilakam, except for very recent past. However, much of its history is part of folklore. This web site is a humble attempt to consolidate information scattered around and preserve for the benefit of posterity, with the hope that a rich culture based on social and human values is not lost in the onslaught of fast pace of modern life and new social order. Any kind of guidance and support in improving an authenticity would be very helpful. We request support, especially in terms of information and specific write up , from all members and well wishers of Kodungallur Kovilakam.