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Puthen Kovilakam

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Puthen Kovilakom, adjacent to Sringapuram Siva temple, is a relatively new branch of Kodungallur Kovilakam, just as the name indicates.

As Kodungallur Kovilakam grew, it was not possible to accomodate all family members with Chirakkal Kovilakam complex. New kovilakam complex was created in response to this need. A family branch started staying in the new kovilakam complex, and this complex came to be known as Puthen Kovilakam

This kovilakom complex has a large courtyard, main residential building, water tank, temple for Kottinchiri Bhagavathy and Sarpakavu.

Puthen Kovilakam Main Building



Kottinchiri Bhagavathy Temple

Kottinchiri Bhagavathi is worshiped by members (especially by the kids) of both Chirakkal Kovilakam and Puthen Kovilakam. Bhagavathi is believed to have a special liking for kids, and considers happiness of innocent kids, expressed through laughter and claps as the greatest form of worship. Miracles related to Kottinchiri Bhagavathi are part of the folklore, especially related to items lost and found

Just as with other royal families in Kerala, there is not much written information about Kodungallur Kovilakam, except for very recent past. However, much of its history is part of folklore. This web site is a humble attempt to consolidate information scattered around and preserve for the benefit of posterity, with the hope that a rich culture based on social and human values is not lost in the onslaught of fast pace of modern life and new social order. Any kind of guidance and support in improving an authenticity would be very helpful. We request support, especially in terms of information and specific write up , from all members and well wishers of Kodungallur Kovilakam.