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Kodungallur Kurumba Bhagavathy Temple:
Kodungallur and Cochin were at loggerheads, as many kingdoms of pre-colonial days in India, and stories about these rivalry are part of folklore

On one such occassion, Raja of Cochin attacked Kodungallur at a short notice. At that time, Raja of Cochin was far more powerful to that of Kodungallur, in terms of military power. It is said that, rendered helpless, Raja of Kodungallur prayed Kodungallur Kurumba Bhagavathy Temple in following verses in Malayalam

Perumbadappin Kshithipaalarathnam

Perumpada Koottiha Vannidunnen

Orungavenam Pada Nee Thaduppan

Kurumbayamme Mama Thampurattee

Story goes that huge army came from Kodungallur Kurumba Bhagavathy's temple to fight the aggressor and the attacking force was vanquished

A discerning Malayalam reader could easily find the following, in the above couplet

This couplet shows the level of influence of art and literature in Kodungallur Kovilakam, and how much they are internalized into being part of daily life. Tools of poem writing like Praasam (rhyme), meter, etc are elegantly complied to

More importantly, the opposition is treated with respect. Raja of Cochin is referred to in highest possible terms as diamond among rules.This highlights a tradition where peace, prospectity and values are given precedence over military might

Kottinchiri Charitham
Kottumchiri is considered to be the goddess Parvathy as a young child. The ritual of offering GURUTHI to Kottumchiri is widespread in almost all the Namboodiri Illams of Kerala. There is an interesting anecdote about how Kottumchiri worship started in Kodungallur Kovilakam. It goes like this:
Bhagavathar Kunjunni Thampuran (younger brother of Kunjikkuttan Thampuran) got Kottinchiri from Perattakkulam when he was a small child. While bathing one day, he felt something hard and slippery beneath his foot. Thinking it to be a tortoise , he raised the hard thing and was flabbergasted at the sight of the Devi Vigraham (idol of Goddess).

He took it secretely to the kovilakam and placed the idol under a mango tree. Collecting mangoes was the main pastime of the children. Lots of ripe mangoes rain from tree with even slight breeze, quite common during the onset of rains. Kunjunni thampuran never used to get a fair share of the mangoes, as he lacked skill in running and collecting mangoes. Therefore, he placed the idol under a mango tree and started praying to the Goddess to give him all the mangoes which fell from the trees.
The legend tells us that, after some days , he was the only person who was able to get hold of the best mangoes which fell. Enraged at this, some other children took away the idol and threw it back to Perattakulam. Later, the idol was obtained at the time of cleaning the pond (Kulam Vettickal). Then on, the idol was properly installed and consecrated in Puthenkovilakam.
Source: Mail from Nithin Varma to Puthen Kovilakam Yahoo group, forwarded by Krishnakumar Varma

Kodungallur Kunjikuttan Thampuran:

Learned about Kodungallur Kunjikuttan Thampuran translating Mahabharatham  from Sanskrit to Malayalam, the popular poet Vallathol, who established  Kalamandalam, went to see him. Thampuran was working on a thick volume and dictating at lightning speed. Vallathol thought Thampuran must be dictating what he had already written in the book. Coming closer, and to his surprise, he found that  Thampuran reading the text in Sanskit and dictating the translation in Malayalam



Just as with other royal families in Kerala, there is not much written information about Kodungallur Kovilakam, except for very recent past. However, much of its history is part of folklore. This web site is a humble attempt to consolidate information scattered around and preserve for the benefit of posterity, with the hope that a rich culture based on social and human values is not lost in the onslaught of fast pace of modern life and new social order. Any kind of guidance and support in improving an authenticity would be very helpful. We request support, especially in terms of information and specific write up , from all members and well wishers of Kodungallur Kovilakam.